Steelcase Gesture Chair Review– The best PC gaming Chair

Video Transcription

Hi guys and welcome to our view of the steel case gesture the gesture is one lovely piece of office furniture that I really like retails for $979 yes is a bit pricey but it’s really worth it now it comes in this big box it’s fully assembled in the box for you so you don’t have to assemble anything but it’s also kind of heavy so just something to take note that’s the cheer in the box like I said it’s fully assembled all you need to do is attach the wheels at the bottom and you are good to go so it’s really nice to descend you know the furniture fully assembled for you now.

I’m actually going to show you some things about the steel case gesture here it comes in about roughly 16 colors you can check out there there the calls on the website nice colors that you can pick whichever one you want and this thing is designed with three core principles you’ve got your core your lamb and of course your seats interface they have three interfaces that we talked about with the gesture the steel case really wants to highlight one of the floor on the first ones i’m going to share as i sit on the chair here.

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Trust me i love this chair just comfortable especially me sitting now and in a video file is really really comfortable is the name still see the armrest there i can adjust them i can bring them up i can bring them higher i can also bring both them lower it the individually merrily are controlled i can extend it forward back sideways which allows me to basically create the most comfortable position for me to rest my eyes with if i’m typing if i’m just talking know if i’m just using my my chair just force it in now the other part is the core interface the back and the seat move in sick or both synchronizes the move together which means as i lean back.

You can see how basically the my posture is supported by my back seat right there it which is really cool that it does that so whichever way I lean the chair supporting me so I’m not just leaning back and having space created there which is nice of course you’ve got controls we can move the chair down depending on your height.

Move it all the way up if you tall like me you can also adjust how much you lean back and they’re kind of like four or five levels that you can select so it’s kind of like preset locks you can turn in but again you can see how well it supports my back it actually supports me, in whatever position my back is which is very nice and it’s good for your posture especially if you have back problems you know I love the fact that the apply love technology here to basically help users you know using the office year now this thing is well crafted the seat itself the fabric is soft supple very comfortable, I enjoyed sitting there for hours one of those things where I sat down and I just kept on cranking doing work and editing videos because I was comfortable and that’s what you want in a chair like this you want something that feels comfortable now the design of the gesture tobacco you can see the support that whole thing is designed to match wherever your back or wherever you’re sitting so basically matching your posture at that level which is very nice because you know you find out when you sit down a lot and you don’t want typing and also you don’t love office work you get very uncomfortable you move around.

I can tell you that I didn’t find that with this year from steel case it’s really one solid piece of just technical engineering they’re making something that really is comfortable and I can definitely tell it’s worth the price you know it may be 979 i will recommend it any day of the week because it’s it made me feel comfortable i was able to work for long hours and I could do that without any stress so if you guys have any comments or any questions about the steel case gesture let me know what are your thoughts about this what kind of chairs do you use you care about comfort in your office chairs will have a links to where you can check it out from steel case calm in the description below but then again do like this video guys share this video favorite this video and also do subscribe to and thank you very much.