10 Best Power Supplies 80+ for Gaming PCs Buyers Guide (August 2017)

There are a few things that people should keep in mind when choosing the best power supplies for gaming. The energy efficiency of the device is important. Different devices are more prone to power overloads than others. Some of them will have cables that are easier to install than others. Upgrading power supplies will vary in terms of its difficulty. The best power supply for gaming will excel in all of these categories and more.

10 Best Power Supplies 80+ for Gaming PCs (August 2017)

PSUMax. DC OutputEfficiencyWarantyModularPrice
EVGA SuperNova 550 G21000W80 Plus Gold 10Years✓ (fully)Check Price
Corsair HX1200i1200W80 Plus Platinum 10Years✓ (fully)Check Price
LEPA G1600-MA1600W80 Plus Gold –✓ (fully)Check Price
Rosewill RBR1000-M900W80 Plus Bronze –✓ (fully)Check Price
Seasonic X-850850W80 Plus Gold 5 Years✓ (fully)Check Price
 Raidmax  ATX12V 1000W 80 Plus Gold –✓ (fully)Check Price
 Cooler Master RSC00  1200 W 80 Plus Gold 10 Years✓ (fully)Check Price
 Thermaltake TR2 RX 850W80 Plus Bronze 5 Years✓ (fully)Check Price
EVGA SuperNOVA 850 P2 850W 80 Plus Platinum 7 Years✓ (fully)Check Price
 Corsair RM1000x 1000W 80 Plus Gold 10 Years✓ (fully)Check Price
  1. EVGA SuperNova 550 G2  – Best Power Supply for Gaming 2017

EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G2 PSU - Best Power Suply for Gaming 2017

This is a supply that is going to give players a lot of options. They are capable of running two video cards simultaneously. Players who want to be able to maximize what they can do will be able to benefit tremendously. This is a modular system. It has 80 PLUS Gold certification. This product also has a wide range of different protections, including over current protection, over voltage protection, over power protection, and under voltage protection. As such, people will run into few problems with this power supply and it is going to last them a long time.

This power supply should manage to run without any major issues. It’s also very quiet. Many people run into noise issues with their gaming power supplies, particularly when they’re using a lot of power in gaming. It’s also one of the most reliable power supplies that people are going to find anywhere for any set of games. The EVGA Supernova G2 850W 220-G2-0850-XR Fully Modular Power Supply can help alleviate some of the issues that people have with gaming.

  • Efficient
  • Full power at 45 °C
  • Long warranty
  • Number of peripheral connectors
  • Quality caps
  • Ripple suppression
  • Silent operation
  • 5VSB efficiency
  • Distance between 4-pin connectors
  • Hold-up time
  • Single EPS connector

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  1. Corsair HX1200i

Corsair HX1200i - Gaming PSU

Few gaming power supplies are going to be as energy efficient as this one. It offers a shocking 92 percent energy efficiency, assuming real world load conditions. Installing the cables is also going to be comparatively safe and easy because they were designed to be low-profile. The airflow will be better with these cables, which is only going to help aid in the energy efficiency of these devices. These are gaming power supplies that are really going to make it all better.

There are fans in place that are going to stop this power supply from overheating. These fans are fluid dynamic and they are 140 mm and thermally controlled. The fans also spin up as needed, and this is going to make them that much easier for people to use. However, when the power load is low enough, people can enjoy the ZeroRPM mode. In the ZeroRPM mode, there will be almost no noise involved and people can really enjoy their games in peace and without any fear of disturbing anyone else. This setup also works to make the entire device significantly more energy efficient.

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  • pure modular.
  • Platinum efficiency.
  • quiet.
  • high grade 105c Japanese capacitors inside.
  • stable load regulation.
  • 7 year warranty.
  • Corsair face a lot of competition this year from Superflower, Seasonic and others in the high end.

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  1. LEPA G1600-MA – The Highest Output Gaming Power Suply

LEPA G1600-MA - The Highest Output Gaming Power Suply

Thanks to the full modular cabling design, it is going to be easier for people to upgrade these power supplies if necessary. They are also going to be able to replace them if anything goes wrong, and this is going to make a big difference when it comes to the long-term use of these devices. These power supplies have both solid state capacitors and Japanese grade A capacitors. As such, it is going to be that much easier for them to be very reliable and stable.

These power supplies work in accordance with EU ErP Lot 6 standards, so they are truly safe and effective. The maximum power loads for these power supplies are high, and this means that they are going to be less prone to accidents than they would be otherwise in many cases. These are power supplies that are going to work well and that are not going to fail in the worst way at the worst time.

  • Delivered full power at close to 50°C ambient
  • High efficiency
  • Huge power
  • Excellent ripple suppression at +12V
  • Tons of connectors
  • Quality construction
  • Quiet operation at normal loads and ambient
  • Japanese caps & long lifespan fan
  • 5 year warranty
  • Loose voltage regulation at +12V
  • Rigid cables which make cable management hard

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  1. Rosewill RBR1000-M

Rosewill RBR1000-M

This power supply is compatible with Intel Core i7 and i5, which gives it a broader compatibility range than people would get with a lot of other products in this range. The fact that people will be able to use Intel and AMD Systems with this power supply is going to make it more accessible to a wider range of people. In all likelihood, this is a power supply that will work with what they have.

The modular cable design is very easy for people to use. It is also easy to upgrade if necessary. The four 12V rails offer power that is independent and reliable. The active power Factor Correction (PFC) also works to make the system as reliable as possible in terms of the power that people can expect. Since the universal AC input 90 – 264V is able to scan and detect the voltage level needed, people will be able to save energy while also preventing the different power loads that could happen along the way.

  • Solid performance for class of PSU
  • Illuminated fan
  • Rated at 40°C ambient
  • Competitive price
  • Only three-year warranty
  • Short-ish ATX cable

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  1. Seasonic X-850

Seasonic X-850 (SS-850KM3 Active PFC F3)

This is a product that is notable for its efficiency. Its input voltage range is significantly broader than what people will find with the majority of other power supplies on the market today. It’s hard to find a better PSU in this price range. With the seven-year warranty, people are also not going to need to worry about taking any major risks with the purchase. This is a reliable and durable power supply that is going to work well, and it was made with enhanced parts and specifications.

This is a silent product a good portion of the time. It was designed to be efficient but not to be overly noisy. The cables are also really thick and easy to install. The modular layout is going to be easy for most people to use and to adjust if necessary. Since the fan only operates when it is needed, people are going to have an easier time controlling the noise level of the fan, and they are also going to have an easier time when it comes to managing the overall power supply. This is a smart device that is going to help people work smarter not harder.

  • Excellent build quality.
  • Modular design.
  • quiet, quality fan.
  • efficient.
  • stable load regulation.
  • can deliver over 1,000Watts!
  • expensive.
  • only 4 PCI E connectors.

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  1. Raidmax  ATX12V

Raidmax ATX12V - Best Gaming Power Supply

This is the Power Supply you want to use when you need enough energy to light up the town. Well, you can do it too with the power to run almost any system you can imagine and with its modular cabling, you can install it into any configuration of gaming machine out there.

Ultra quiet it runs silently in the background, and its design lets it also pump air throughout the case as well. Now, you have the power you only dreamed of for that one of a kind gaming machine you have always wanted.

  • Modularized Cables lets it plug in fast and easy
  • The airflow is increased as a result of the power Supply’s basic design
  • Environmental-friendly as it saves on you electric bill as well as 80 PLUS GOLD Certified
  • ATX 12V EPS12V: Supports ATX 12V2.3 version and EPS12V 2.92 version
  • Optimized for quiet with a 135 mm fan
  • Dedicated PCI-Express VGA lets you setup for High-performance VGA Cards
  • It has compatibility with virtually any motherboard on the market today. (3.3v, 5v, 12v)


  • 1000 Watts of power when you need it, and it powers multiple GPUs and all the rest with no problems
  • I overclock to the max, and I’ve been running for over a year now, and everything is working great
  • Handles two GTX560tis no sweat
  • Simple to install and you almost don’t even know your machines is running
  • Vibration absorbing mounts and heavy gauge cables ensure you reliable power and maximum quiet
  • I run continuously and with no heat or problems
  • Be careful the fan on this PSU is its Achilles heel and it can fail without warning
  • Customer service needs some improvement as they argue with you to avoid having to support their warranty

Final Thoughts
When you need that extra power, this PSU has, what it takes. You can run additional GPUs, Disk, and multiple CPUs. The service behind this product is disappointing, and they are not as customer friendly as they could be. However, other than that if you need the power you have only click to order, and it will be at your door almost before you blink.


  1. Cooler Master Silent Pro RSC00

Cooler Master Silent Pro RSC00 - Best Gaming PSU

When you want a giga-game machine, you need enough power that would run a factory or close to it. 1200 Watts puts you almost at the limit of PSU capacity these days. But, when you want to run 5 SATA drive bays and keep your motherboard happy this is the monster you want inside your case, it’s made with heavy-duty capacitors from our friends in Japan. You have a PSU that is up to the task of letting you play for weeks on end without taking a break.

  • Reduced size and weight with a transformer that is hard mounted to the circuit card for heat stability and power efficiency
  • Energy Star approved, and you get 90% efficiency at 20% of load
  • EMI filtering gives you power with virtually no ripple, which makes your CPU and Motherboard happy
  • It has its built-in controller to maximize efficiency and keep things running smoothly
  • You get an easy to install design with flat cables and modular connectors
  • Design for over 100,000 hours of operation at load


  • Superpower at a Super Price
  • It is much cooler than my previous PSU, and it handles my multiple GPUs with ease. I’m happy, and I would buy another when I build my next gaming box
  • Fits into my Storm case, and the install was painless. It took everything I can throw on my gaming machine without a whimper and its one of the best PSUs I’ve ever had
  • Over 5 years of quiet operation with no problems so far
  • Installs in under 30 minutes, and It brought everything back the way it was after our last PSU met its maker
  • Customer service is having problems with MFAs as there seems to be a dock strike in progress and that is delaying the sending out of replacement PSUs

Final Thoughts
Having been a person who wants the power when it is needed a PSU like this one is just what people who want the best in gaming need inside their rig. Reliable and the only negative is the fact you cannot get enough of them off the ships and into the stores their customer’s hands.

Puts out the power and still manages to keep things cool at the same time. The Cool Master is also a penny pincher when it comes to saving on your electric bill as well.


  1. Thermaltake TR2 RX

Thermaltake TR2 RX - Best Gaming Power Supply

While this PSU would be powering the International Space Station, it will take a medium to large gaming machine into cyberspace for your favorite MMORPG that can. If you need a replacement, PSU or you can use it to upgrade your current machine to a larger configuration. You have a limit on the size of the game machine you want to build.


  • Solid state capacitors
  • Meets Intel’s ATX 12V 2.31 & EPS 12V 2.92 standards
  • Flat ribbon cables for ease of hook up
  • ATI CrossFire ready
  • 5-year warranty

  • Great line of PSUs and this make a good replacement for a burned out one at an economical price
  • Good power and easy to install
  • Quiet and dependable
  • Not 80 Plus certified
  • Generic power supply but the advertising is off the mark. However, it does the job, and I’ve got no complaints so far

Final Thoughts

Here you have a problem with Amazon’s advertising department. They on occasion mix their apples and their oranges. In this case, they confused the low-end PSU with a better one that has the same Name. However, the unit that you get is an ok power supply; it just is not the fancier one that the company is trying to replace it with to sell out their stock of these.

  1. EVGA SuperNOVA 850 P2

EVGA SuperNOVA 850 P2 - Super Gaming Power Supply

Once again, EVGA Supernova comes up with another winner. You have a midrange PSU with upper-end features. If you are looking for the perfect replacement for the power supply that is not able to handle your gaming needs. The 850 P2 lets you host 4 VGA, 2 CPUs, and SATA along with a peripherals bus as well. When you power up your game machine, you power through virtual universes like a Titan in the EVE MMORPG and nothing can stand in your way has you have the CPU power to spare along with video power support that others only dream about having.


  • 92% (115VAC) / 94% (220VAC~240VAC) efficiency
  • NVIDIA SLI & AMD Crossfire Ready
  • Under and Over voltage protection along with short circuit protection as well
  • 10-year warranty
  • An 80+ Platinum certification on power saving and utilization
  • 24 X 7 technical support
  • 24 Pin power tester included

  • Beats all the other PSUs in its class
  • Heavy in performance, cabling, and weight, it is designed for heavy usage, and it puts the power out in spades
  • Everything you need with all the cables need to hook it into any motherboard you are using
  • I have yet to hear the fan kick in, and I’ve loaded my game machine for bear with multiple CPUs and a couple of GPUs to go with them
  • I called support at 1 AM, they walked me through my problem, and it did not take over 10 minutes to find the fault. You can’t beat that kind of help, and it had nothing to do with the PSU
  • Some users report that the PSU died taking principal components with it, this happens with many other PSUs when they go as well. This model has an 85% satisfaction rating. So, without more info decide for yourself.
  • The PSU’s SATA connector cables are a bit short on the spacing otherwise this is the PSU I have always wanted
  • RFI could be an issue if you are a Ham operator

Final Thoughts
This writer likes their games hot and the PSUs cold. That’s what you get with a brick of a pore supply. It generates the power you need to keep drives, CPUs, and GPUs going with power left to spare.

That is what you want in a PSU with enough capacity to handle the load and not have to struggle to keep up. You, could, of course, upgrade to a 1600-Watt Giga-power supply.

But, why bother? 850 Watts will run a game machine that 90% of most people out there will never see in their home without emptying their bank account on it and at this price; it’s not cost effective to go with a larger PSU. The only flies in the ointment are that some users have reported PSU failures that take out their other hardware. Though it is a remote possibility, you need to keep it in mind with this or any other PSU. The other complaint is with the SATA connectors being split. You need to hook your cables up right and be careful with some of the connectors.

Our final verdict is that the PSU is a good unit and will fill all your needs and then some.

  1. Corsair RM1000x

Corsair RM1000x - Best Gaming Power Supply

Corsair is one of the most trusted names in the PSU industry. This 1000-Watt model gives the mega-game machines power to play all the games you want for as long as you want. It has enough connector to let you add on drives, GPUs, and CPUs that will let you build a game machine that goes beyond what most people have ever thought about much less realized. This is a fully modularized PSU, it has all the safety feature you want, and it comes with a 10-year warranty as well.


  • Comes with an 80 Plus Gold power efficiency certification
  • Made with the best quality components you can get from Japan
  • Modular in design and construction with all the cables needed to install on any gaming machine you have or are building
  • Zero RPM Fan that shows just how efficient this PSU is

  • My Chinese made PSU was buzzing. I popped in the RM1000X, no buzz. Quality components are the only way to go
  • Install in the case in under 10 minutes and runs great
  • I run dual GPUs and two CPUs as well along with Drives and all the rest. I have yet to hear the fan kick over once
  • Cable management is simple and straightforward
  • After 4 years, I replaced my old Corsair with this one, and I expect smooth sailing from now on
  • I used to have reboot problems, and after I had replaced the old 850 I was running with the 1000 x, all my problems are gone
  • Since it is a Zero RPM, You may want to put in some PC cooling fans to offset the loss of the PSU’s for airflow
  • Amazon LLC does not always replace or refund. No matter if you are a Prime customer or not. Just be warned.


Final Thoughts
If you want to get a PSU that has the power along with a history of reliability, then this PSU is just what you need. IT has more than enough places to plug into for drives, CPUs, and Graphics cards. You can pretty much build any game system you want, and this power supply will keep it running almost forever.
Issues with this PSU are few as it is made with quality parts and they are made in Japan rather than an unnamed Pacific Rim hole in the wall country.

That means you will probably never be able to use that 10-year warranty it comes with and this PSU will last you through many game machine builds in the future as you continue to expand your gaming horizons.


Choosing the best power supplies for gaming means keeping a lot of things in mind. Fortunately, many of them feed into one another. Energy-efficient power supplies are often good at cooling themselves. Reliable devices are typically safe and efficient. Gaming PC’s have lots of great power supplies today.