10 Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 February 2018

Keeping the price of a gaming laptop at USD $1,500 and under is great for the gamer’s budget; these machines still will rock the gamer’s world and allow him/her to enjoy and win many great games. Below are reviews of the Top 10 Gaming Laptops in the under $1,500 class. Game it, dare to win and play a championship game on any one of the super gaming laptops reviewed below.

Gaming Laptops Processor RAM Hard Disk Graphics Weight Prices
Acer Predator Helios 300 Intel Core i7-7700HQ 16GB DDR4 RAM 256GB SSD GeForce GTX 1060-6GB 5.95 pounds Check Price
MSI GL62M 7RD-1407 Intel Core i5-7300HQ 8GB DDR4 RAM 256GB SSD NVIDIA’s Geforce GTX 1050-2G 5.29 lbs Check Price
HP OMEN 15 Intel Core i7-6700HQ 8GB DDR4 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD GeForce GTX 960M 4.85 pounds Check Price
MSI GL72 7RD-028 Intel Core i7-7700HQ 16GB DDR4 128GB SSD + 1TB NVIDIA’sGTX 1050 2G 5.95 lbs Check Price
Acer Aspire VX 15 Intel Core i7-7700HQ 16GB DDR4 256GB SSD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 5.51 lbs Check Price
Dell Inspiron i7559-5012GRY Intel Quad Core i7-6700HQ 8 GB RAM 1 TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 6.07 lbs Check Price
Dell 15.6-Inch Intel i5-6300HQ 8GB DDR3 256GB SSD Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M 6 lbs Check Price
HP PC 15.6 Intel i7-7500U 8GB DDR4 1TB HDD HD Graphics 620 5 lbs Check Price
Lenovo Legion Y520 Intel Core Processor 8GB DDR4 256GB PCIe SSD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 5.28 lbs Check Price
ASUS ZX53VW 15.6 Intel Core i5-6300HQ 8GB DDR4 512GB SSD GTX 960M 4GB 5.5 lbs Check Price


Dynamically shaped with diagonally cut corners and red and black theme colors, the Acer Predator has GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Graphics and a backlit keyboard. These graphics have been designed for gaming so they are clear-cut and exciting to look at.

With a full seven hours of battery life, you can keep the game going. The dual fans have been designed to keep this gaming laptop cool as the game puts you under pressure. This gaming machine also has a textured metal cover that gives it that competitive edge.

The audio experience on the Acer Helios is loud and clear. Combined with the excellent graphics and precision movements of the Acer Predator mouse, you have a recipe for winning game after game. Keep your head in the game by wearing the Acer Predator Gaming Headset, which is equipped with completely enclosed earcups.

Buy this gaming machine for all its great features: the high fidelity inbuilt speakers, excellent graphics, premium black and red accents and excellent cooling capacity. Game hard into the midnight hours with the backlit keyboard. The high-quality build and low price make this machine exceptional value for the money.


  • 512 GB SSD
  • High system performance
  • Good battery life for a 17-inch gaming laptop
  • Rather comfortable keyboard
  • Great price for a GTX 1060 GPU


  • Sound system is below expectations
  • Only one free 2.5-inch slot available
  • Poorly designed cooling system
  • Only one USB-A 3.0 connector
  • SSD is SATA and no HDD included
  • No USB-C Gen 2 or Thunderbolt support

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The MSI gaming laptop has a large screen with very vivid HD graphics. This makes it a super-gaming machine on which you can see all your games come to life. The machine has also gained the approval of the Cloud 9, the North American Season 2 League of Legends Champions; it’s their preferred gaming “weapon.” Built with a 1” thin screen, this machine is also very portable, so you can take it with you to the best gaming championships.

Featuring a powerful cooling system and 6-7 heat pipes the MSI Gaming Laptop will never overheat. Play the game until the Championship has come to an end. The FPS or Frames Per Second rate may vary from 50 – 90 FPS depending on the game you are playing, but these GTX 1050 laptop machines will help you to win again and again. The SteelSeries keyboard has been created especially for gamers who play at professional level.

The specialized WASD zone and multi-key input capability help you to be in command at all times.
Don’t forget the Nahimic 2 top-rated audio enhancement. Hear all the sounds of your game as you play Overwatch, Doom Gears of War or Battlefield 1.

Buy this gaming laptop for its lightweight portability, its high resolution 1920 X 1080-pixel screen and its excellent FPS rate and multi-key input capacity.


  • 4 speakers with subwoofer
  • GTX 1050 for less than $800 range


  • Memory is a bit lacking in terms of capacity
  • Not enough storage space

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This product has been refurbished by an Amazon Certified Seller to look and perform like a brand-new gaming machine. It has been tested, cleaned, inspected and repackaged so that it maintains a high standard of functionality. It is sold with a 90-day warranty.

Manufactured with a Skylake 6th generation Intel Core and a fully backlit 1920 X 1080 Pixel HD screen, this machine is a hardcore gaming Titan. You won’t go wrong with the Bang & Olufsen dual speakers, the dual digital microphones or the backlit keyboard which feature a numeric keypad.

Also equipped with 8 gigabytes of memory, which enables multitasking and NVIDIA G-Force graphics, you may be able to win a championship on this carefully refurbished gaming laptop. The FPS threshold is between 30 and 60 FPS. The operating system is Windows 10 Home 64 Bit.

This gaming laptop also features Bluetooth 4.0 and a digital media card reader. The mic jack also functions as a headphone jack.

Buy this gaming laptop because it is guaranteed to be of high quality and because it will be shipped to the buyer will all of the standard accessories in the box.


  • Perfect for 1080p gaming
  • Great keyboard and mouse
  • Gorgeous display
  • Attractive design (for gamers)
  • VR ready (with the GTX 1060 model)


  • Terrible battery life
  • Not powerful enough to actually play games in 4K

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The display screen for this gaming laptop measures 17.3” This is an HD screen with special non-reflective qualities. The graphics capacity is the 2 Gigabyte NVIDIA GTX. There are two special features that will enhance your gaming skills and put you in the winners ’circle. These are the Cooler Boost 4 system which cools the machine right down during a raging battle and the Nahimic Audio Enhancer. This Audio Enhancer is based on real military technology; it makes every battle cry loud and furious so that you can become truly immersed in the game you are playing.

The processor is a 7th Generation Core H, which means that it processes your every move much faster than earlier generations. Huge colorful graphics are produced by NVIDIA GTX 10 graphics capabilities and enhanced by wide-angled viewing of 178° added to a side-to-side perspective.

Game to the max while keeping things cool with Cooler Boost 4’s 6 heat pipes. Keep your head together and command the game with the SteelSeries keyboard, designed for fast responses and detailed tactile information. The Nahimic Virtual Surround Sound is It reproduces the sounds of the battle.

Buy the MSI 17.3” gaming laptop for its excellent features and because it’s a lightweight yet powerful gaming machine that you can take to competitions that are close to home or further away.


  • 2TB HDD + 256GB SSD
  • Intel Skylake processor
  • USB 3.1 Type-C
  • GeForce GTX 960M


  • No backlit keyboard
  • Bulky
  • Battery life

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This is the gaming laptop of the future, with its angle-cut corners and hyper-red backlit keyboard. (The WASD keys are an even brighter red). Dominate the game playing on this machine while you stay cool and collected with the powerful dual fan cooling system. The formidable 7th Generation Intel Core CPU adapts to your every move, while the graphics from GeForce make the game seem true-to-life.

The 6-hour battery life gives you six hours of super gaming time. Hear every shriek as you conquer your enemies with Dolby Audio premium sound levels. The 15.6” display screen aids your imagination to see right to the heart of the battle. The screen is very wide and you can easily visualize the battle with the 180°, minimally distorted angle of the display.
Buy the Acer Aspire Gaming Laptop because it is a high-quality machine. It also has 8 gigabytes of memory and a 265 gigabyte SSD card. The shaping and design of the Acer Aspire VX5-591G make it look like a battle-ready weapon. Another great feature is the touchpad, which has no discernible lag. Most games can be played at an FPS rate of 50 – 65 FPS.


  • Genuine 1080p gaming performance
  • Responsive keyboard
  • Aboveaverage battery life
  • Inexpensive


  • Only 256GB of storage
  • GTX 1050 graphics will make you yearn for a 1060
  • Unimpressive sound quality
  • Tons of bloatware

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6. DELL INSPIRON i7559-5012GRY 15.6” LAPTOP

This 6th Generation Intel Core laptop is perfect for gaming; it can also be used for viewing videos and some other professional tasks. The extended 10 hours of battery life also give this laptop an edge no matter what purpose it is used for. The INVIDIA GeForce graphics card is top-quality. Linked to the 4K HD touch screen gamers and those who wish to stream videos have a true-to-life colored screen for great imaging and game immersion.

Emerging from Waves Max Audio Pro, sounds are bold and clear; the sounds from every game will make you jump with excitement. The best feature of the Dell Inspiron laptop is the touchscreen. Perform all your gestures with complete accuracy at a super-responsive pace. Click, point, scroll and zoom on the touchscreen and see the results of your gestures in double-quick time. The touchscreen makes all your projects easier to do and your games more fun to play.

This laptop is equipped with an SSD or Solid-State Drive which operates quick as a flash – it loads your information onto the screen must faster than the typical hard drive. The Inspiron Touchscreen laptop is better-cooled, faster and lighter than a normal hard drive.

Buy this laptop for the touchscreen. Play games like a wizard; get higher scores and more wins with the unique touch screen capabilities.


  • Stylish design with easy to clean rubber coating
  • Good CPU and GPU performance
  • 1080p IPS display
  • 1TB hard drive
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Runs cool and quiet even while gaming
  • Will play any PC game you want, without having to spend a ton of money to get that performance


  • Just 55% sRGB coverage
  • Slow boot and application launch times
  • Speakers are tinny at the highest volume
  • Thicker, heavier than most 15.6inch notebooks
  • No 1080p touchscreen option
  • Very glossy screen
  • Below average screen brightness

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This laptop is the perfect machine for busy on-the-go people. As well as gaming, videos can be transcoded and then re-streamed using this machine. Excellent FPS rates can be achieved on the Dell 15.6” gaming laptop; the INVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card makes you into an instant expert whichever way you go.

The cooling system has been designed to really keep things chilled; this means your gaming system as well as the palm of your hand. Exceptional dual cooling fans, a triple exhaust system and an incredible 240 thermal fins work together to achieve this cooling effect. Stay in the game longer, and never, ever surrender as you remain calm and in control on the Dell 15.6” gaming laptop.

What else does this machine have to offer? A backlit keyboard so that you can game on through the night, an FHD screen with relaxing anti-glare capabilities and 10 full hours of battery life.

This Dell laptop has an inbuilt subwoofer. The performance of sound is smooth and has maximum clarity with the Waves Maxx Audio Pro. You’ll feel as if you are right in the middle of the battle with every game you play.

Buy this Dell laptop for the super accurate touchscreen so that you can be master of the game with a few swift gestures. But it also for its super-speedy SSD card that can upload games and videos to the display screen faster than you can blink an eye.


  • Nice display
  • Great audio
  • Stays cool thanks to the fans and vents
  • Uses SSD storage for faster performance and safer storage
  • 256GB storage space
  • Cool aesthetics
  • Long battery life
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Responsive touch pad
  • 8G RAM (DDR3L)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics with all of the robust, gaming laptop-optimizing features
  • 6th Generation Intel Core i5-6300HQ Quad-Core Processor for great processing power


  • Only 256GB storage space, so it’s not ideal for multimedia professionals; however, for most users 256GB of space is more than adequate

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This machine is a dual-purpose business/gaming machine. What could be better than a business laptop with excellent editing software that you can also play the top Indie games on? This laptop looks good too, with its silver-grey panels.
The HP business/gaming laptop is set up with dual digital microphones and an HD webcam. The graphics are high-end so you can see games in the full spectrum of colors. The powerful audio will give you chills and thrills. This laptop has a large graphics memory sized at 4182 MB.

You can do almost anything on this high-speed business/gaming laptop. The hard drive rotational speed is 5400 RPM. Even if it’s not set up for some of the newer games, you can play Counter Strike and all of the Steam games – Baldur’s Gate II, BioShock Infinite, Borderlands 2 and others.

Buy this dual-purpose laptop for its versatility. You’ll be able to work from home, finish your professional projects and then move into fast-paced gaming mode all on the same machine.


  • Matte screen
  • Full HD display
  • Fast SSD
  • Good battery life


  • Only Fast Ethernet
  • No USB Type-C
  • No maintenance flap
  • No AC Wi-Fi
  • Low WLAN data rate

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Enter the gaming arena and play to win on the Lenovo Legion Y520 gaming laptop. The 7th generation Intel CPU keeps your game at top notch levels because it can process every move more swiftly. The INVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti graphics have excellent FPS rates. The Dolby Audio Premium speakers bring the game closer – you’ll feel as if the battle is right in the room with you.

Lenovo has created the new feature, Lenovo Nerve Sense, especially for gamers. Using this feature, you will be able to customize and personalize audio, active keys and settings for cooling, then play on with your best game; all your preferences will be sorted.

Lenovo Nerve Sense also offers a shortcut for extreme cooling for when you get into an intense fire-fight. The crimson backlit keyboard lights up your every move, from midnight to dawn.

Gaming sessions are kept cool with vents and fans that are close to processors and thermal vents that are located at the back of the machine. This machine is portable too, so you can take it to a friend’s place and play Doom in the lounge room.

Buy the Lenovo Legion Y520 because it’s a classic gaming laptop, built for gaming only. With this machine, you can game online, or on-the-go. If you are a parent looking to buy a high-quality gaming laptop for a teenage gamer, this one has it all: 60 FPS and enough power to play top games such as Overwatch, Counterstrike, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordar and more.


  • Sleek design
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • Strong gaming and productivity performance
  • Useful software


  • Dull display
  • Oddly shaped touchpad

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The Asus Gaming Laptop has a metallic casing so that it is more hard-wearing and portable. Another one of the great features of this machine is the matte screen. This special feature allows gamers to play outdoors – the matte screen does not reflect glare. Day time gaming is also improved with this type of screen.

Asus has carried out some pro-gamer research into the subject of Lag. Lag is something that all gamers dislike, but with the new GameFirst III technology, Lag is alleviated. Gaming will be smoother and faster. The Sonic Master technology provides enhanced audio for a richer gaming experience. This sound technology is accompanied by Audio Wizard’s five preset sound profiles that will match with individual gaming genres.

The Asus ZX53VW keyboard has been reinforced to give it a solid machine-like feel so that when you are firing at your enemies you will feel more powerful. The whole keyboard is backlit in bright red and the WASD keys have been created to make the gamer’s hands feel “anchored” to the keyboard. Buy this gaming laptop for its excellent features. Asus has gone to a lot of trouble to design the perfect powerhouse gaming laptop.


  • Stylish and sleek design
  • Well-built body and sturdy keyboard
  • Excellent general performance


  • Quick drainage of battery

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In Conclusion.

Many of these gaming laptops are conscientiously priced at below USD $1,000. This means that are an excellent buy for a Christmas present. These gaming laptops will provide hours of entertainment for teenagers and adults alike. All of them have great specifications and features and many can be user-upgraded. The keen gamer will be able to purchase any one of these gaming laptops without breaking the bank.