The 10 Best Gaming Keyboard Under $50 (April 2017)

The type of keyboard you use determines the kind of gaming experience you will have. Because of that, it is necessary that gamers use good keyboards for their games. Owning a good keyboard should not translate to empty your bank accounts. There are best gaming keyboards under $50, which you can lay your hands on the market today.

Many gamers would always tell you that using an old or crappy keyboard for games can be annoying because it leads to unresponsive keys. When this becomes a problem, it is going to cause a lot of trouble for you. If you want, you can get a good keyboard on budget, and this is going to enhance your gaming experience. The problem is that many people who want such affordable and superior keyboards do not know how to go about it.

If you are a gamer and you are looking for the best gaming board under $50, you have come to the right place. We have taken the pain to review and recommend the best of such keyboards for you. You only need to visit the market and make your choice.


The best gaming keyboards under $50 dollars


Device NameBacklitMechanicalWired /
Redragon K552RedUltra-last springsWired13.9 x 4.8 x 1.5Check Price
Rii RM4007 ColorsNoWired18 x 9 x 2CheckPrice
Cooler Master Devastator IIRedMem-chanical SwitchesWired22.1 x 9.5 x 1.8Check Price
TOMOKO MMC023NoN-Key RolloverWired15.98 x 7.17 x 2.36Check Price
Logitech G105BlueG-keysWired19.57 x 8.78 x 1.65Check Price
EagleTec KG010BlueCustom mechanicalWired17.6 x 7 x 1.1Check Price
Perixx PX-1100Red/Blue/PurpleNoUSB19.49 x 0.83 x 6.69Check Price
Razer DeathStalkerNoNoUSB18.4 x 8.43 x 1.08Check Price
AULA SI-859Red/Blue/PurpleNoUSB18.1 x 1.2 x 7.5Check Price
Redragon ASURA K5017 color8 programmable macro keysUSB19.7 x 8.3 x 1.2Check Price
  1. Redragon K552 Kumara

Redragon K552 KUMARA - Top Gaming Keyboard Under $50

Our top pick is the K552 and it is the best keyboard for anybody looking for one. It is a solid mechanical keyboard and it has great features that set it apart from several others on the market. It features custom mechanical switches. This is great for gamers because it makes for an extraordinary gaming experience. This Keyboard is designed to increase the performance of the users.


Moreover, the product makes for clear backlighting and that is because of its red LED adjustable lighting system as well as double shot injection molded keycaps. It is constructed using the finest raw materials available in the industry, as it is designed with ABS and Metal construction. It is composed of gold plated USB connection as well as mechanical keys. You can see that all these make it easy for hardcore gaming.


Furthermore, the keyboard is durable and this is often attributed to the custom mechanical switch. This equally makes the product to be more responsive. It is composed of mechanical keys as said earlier, but this one is different because this offers medium resistance. When you use it, you would observe audible click sound, as well as the tactile feedback. It is composed of 12 multimedia keys, as well as 87 standard conflict keys and so on.


  • Mechanical switches green
  • It is responsive
  • Full NRKO
  • Durable
  • Backlighting
  • Gold plated USB
  • It is comfortable to use
  • Laser engraved keys
  • It does not have numpad
  • It would be better is the backlighting is not red


This is an affordable and superior quality keyboard. You need it if you want to improve on your performance. It is highly recommended.


  1. Rii RM400

Rii RM400 LED Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo Bundle

This is another superior quality and affordable keyboards meant for those who want to get the best of their games. It contains those features that would make you enjoy using it such as the seven colors backlighting and mouse. This product is compatible with the Mac operating system.

The keys are specially designed and the aim is to enhance the quality, increase the lifespan, as well as tactile feedback. Most importantly, it is easy to handle as it features an ergonomic low profile mouse and keyboard.

Other interesting features you are going to discover in this product include the keycaps which are grip coated and laser etched. In the same way, the mouse was ergonomically designed to ensure that you derive maximum comfort as you use the product.

Music and volume control is not difficult using the keyboard because it is contains dedicated multimedia keys. As said earlier this makes for music and volume control.

There are lots of benefits that you can derive when you use this keyboard and here are some of them:

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  • Because of the design, the keyboard is user friendly as it is easy to type
  • The lighting system is very efficient
  • It is good for those who want a comfortable gaming experience
  • The mouse is ergonomically designed, and that is why it can fit well into your hands.
  • It appears that the users are satisfied with the workings of the keyboard.

In all, this is the best gaming keyboards on the market today. It is highly recommended.
  1. CM Devastator II

Cooler Master Devastator II - Best Budget Gaming Mouse

This product has lots of features that make it better than similar brands on the market today. It is perhaps the best mechanical switches that you can lay your hands. It is composed of cooler master’s exclusive switches. This is an advantage, it makes it durable. Moreover, it makes for tactile feedback, which is one of the attributes of gaming keyboards.

It is user friendly and you can even use it in the night as it contains red LED backlight. This single LED light is good for those who want to use it for night gaming.

The keyboard is composed of laser etched keys. This means those prints on the boards are going to be there for a very long time, as the prints would never fade. Most importantly, this keyboard is compatible with those custom keycaps. The implication is that you can easily customize the keys.

Furthermore, it features precision optical sensor. This means that the cursor goes to anywhere you want and where you want. This implies that you are in absolute control of your game.

  • Here are some of the benefits
  • It is uses precision optical sensors
  • It makes for absolute control
  • It can be used even in the night without difficulties
  • The keys are responsive
  • No onboard memory
  • The night illumination is not the best

In all, this is one of the best gaming keyboards and it is highly recommended.


  1. TOMOKO MMC023 –  Water-Resistant Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

TOMOKO MMC023 – Water-Resistant Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is another superior mechanical gaming keyboard and we are not hesitating to recommend it here because of its features. It makes for multi keys, this means that keys can perform different functions at the same time without any problem in the process. This is the right keyboard for you, if you want the best in terms of typing, gaming and so on.

Moreover, it is composed of Blue switches. This is great because it makes for a good tactile feedback. Moreover, it enhances your speed and accuracy. It contains different features that can help you to increase your gaming efficiency.

Furthermore, it contains FN shortcuts. This makes it easy for media control. You can perform lots of tasks such as pause, play, as well web browsing, calculator and the next or previous track and so on.

Construction quality of the keyboard remains the best that you can get. The body is composed of a superior metal base and top graded ABS. This means that the product is sturdily built.

It is ergonomically designed. This means that the keycap can be easily contained in your palms and this shows that you are not going to be fatigued as you use this product.

  • It is solidly built, as it contains metal and plastic parts
  • The keys can be easily removed in you want, and it can only be removed with tools
  • All the shortcuts work and that is why you can do several things at a time without conflict
  • It features a windows lock
  • One side of it can grip the table

This is a superior gaming keyboard as you can see from the great features. It is durable and highly recommended.


  1. Logitech G105 – Essential tools for gaming

Logitech G105 - Essential tools for gaming
Logitech products are known over the years for their quality. You can expect the best from this gaming keyboard. It has lots of great features that make it unique. It features a long life blue LED backlighting. This is unique because it makes the product more user friendly. It offers two levels of brightness and you can select from any of the two and use it in the night.

Furthermore, it offers six programmable G-keys. This makes it possible for its users to configure up to eighteen functions for any game. Some of the configurations include complex macros, single press key and several others. To achieve this, you need to install software.

Furthermore, it features multi key input. To do this, it makes for multi keys pressing at a time up to five keys at a time to carry out multi tasking. Multiple actions can actually be performed without any form of interference.

This product has the most advanced features and this is good for gamers because it makes it possible for them to reach to their highest level of performance.

  • Here are some of the benefits of using this product
  • It is affordable
  • The backlighting is great
  • It uses Logitech software and this offers a lot of features
  • It does not make noise
  • It is easy for the bottom left macro to be hit


In all this is a superior and affordable gaming keyboard. It is designed with gamers in mind and it is highly recommended .


  1. EagleTec KG010

EagleTec KG010 - Best Gaming Keyboard for Money
Are you looking for the best gaming keyboard on the market today, then you can choose this great product. It contains great features that set it apart from several others on the market. It features custom mechanical switches. This is good because it paves the way for long lasting performance.

Its backlight feature is great. It features blue LED backlighting and this can be adjusted. This means that you can always see very well when you use the keyboard.

It enjoys superior construction as it is constructed using ABS and aluminum as well as plate mounted mechanical components. Because of this, you are sure that it can always withstand a very tough condition.

Furthermore, it features a custom designed mechanical switches. This makes for longevity. It equally makes it more durable and more responsive. You are going to get tactile feedback, as well as medium resistance and audible click sound when you use the keyboard for your gaming. It features a full numeric keypad, as well as splash proof keys and several other features.

  • Here are some of the benefits
  • It is solidly constructed and that it is why it is durable
  • It is affordable, as it does not cost more than fifty dollars
  • Effective backlighting system
  • It offers the basic gaming features and functions
  • It does not offer different colors and LED

In all, this is one of the best gaming keyboards. It is recommended.


  1. Perixx PX-1100

Perixx PX-1100 - Greate Gaming Keyboard
Perixx keyboard is a great product as you can see from the features. It is not surprising that this product is trending high on the internet. If you want to get the best gaming experience, you can always opt for this product because of the great features.

It offers more than twenty million key press lifecycle. This is great because it shows different kinds of things that you can do with it. It is going to enhance your performance.

Furthermore, it offers different color LED illumination features and this include purple, red as well as blue and it equally features backlight key illumination.

It is a full sized layout keyboard and uses a wired USB interface as well as cable estimated to be six feet long. It makes for different kinds of control such as the brightness level control and several other kinds of controls.

This keyboard can be used for lots of purposes, it is not just for gaming. It can be used in the home as well as offices. It offers three different illumination levels and this means that you can use it with relative ease even in the dark.


  • It is affordable
  • Durable
  • Offers different illumination level
  • Multiple uses
  • Some users complained that the price is a bit high even though it is not up to fifty dollars.

In all this is a high quality gaming keyboard. It can be used for different purposes and it is highly recommended.


  1. Razer DeathStalker  – Best overall gaming keyboard

Razer DeathStalker Essential Gaming Keyboard - Best overall gaming keyboard
This keyboard is good for those who want to get the best of gaming. The keyboard is simple and easy to use and because of that, you can actuate as many keys as you deem fit, and you can you can use it on your games with ease

It is certain from the great features that the keyboard is designed for the best gaming experience. as it contains different features that are tailored towards helping you out in the game. One of the greatest features is the anti ghosting abilities. This makes it easier for you to conquer your opponents and each command that you give is promptly registered.

Another great feature is the Razer Synapse. You can regard this as the brain of the key. This facilitates the game because it makes for easy syncing with the keyboard as well as the cloud server.

The keyboard is user friendly, and it is flexible and that is why it is very responsive and can make it react faster for any type of situation that you find yourself. Your finger can move faster in between the keys and that is why you would always get a better result.


  • It is faster
  • Spaced keys
  • Great lighting
  • Works great with software
  • Secondary key options can lit
  • Keys can be tough sometimes when you press
  • Bright caps indicators can be extremely bright

In conclusion, this is one of the greatest and most affordable keyboards ever produced for gamers. It offers the best in terms of performance and it is highly recommended.


  1. AULA SI-859

AULA SI-859 - Ultra-thin Gaming keyboard
If you want efficiency and better performance, then opt for this brand. It has lots of advantages and you can easily detect this from the features.
It offers three special color LED backlight and each of the backlights can boast of four modes to adjust. Furthermore, it makes for laser carving characters, this is in addition to the cool backlight feature. It features a non slip design and this is good because it makes for better performance and it is comfortable to use as well.

It is ergonomically designed and this makes for easy handling. It makes for maximum comfort and performance.

It features a strengthened spacebar and this is good because it makes for enhanced life. This is good for those who spend long hours gaming. If you are using the keyboard and you notice that it becoming too hot, off the computer. This is not good because it can damage it. If that is the case, switch off the computer to remove the keyboard. You can always allow the keyboard to cool before you begin to use it again.

  • It offers different brightness options
  • It offers three different colors and this makes for customizable browsing experience
  • It can be used in the day and in the night
  • It offers full length keyboard as well as number pad
  • Some letters are not clear

In all, this product is highly recommended because of the great features. It is affordable and offers superior performance.


  1. Redragon ASURA K501 – Best budget gaming keyboard

Redragon ASURA K501 – Best budget gaming keyboard
This is another superior quality product from this company. This one has great features that set it apart from the rest. It offers seven color backlight keys, as well as adjustable backlight brightness. It also offers adjustable pulsing rate for its LED lighting.

Moreover, the product offers 104 standard keys as well as 32 conflict free key options and 12 multimedia keys and so on. This product offers eight programmable macro keys. This works and does not require software before it can work.
Furthermore, it offers interchangeable arrows and several other interesting features.

  • It offers the best in terms of game performance
  • Offer LED options
  • It offers Macro features
  • It is highly affordable
  • Inferior key quality

This is a superior and affordable gaming board. You can see from the feature that you can improve on your performance of the game.

Final Verdict

These are the best gaming keyboards under $50. Each of the products is good for you because you are going to derive maximum benefit from any of them. You will no longer find it hard to select your gaming keyboard.