5 Types of Gaming Chairs (Infographic)

5 Types of Gaming Chairs

If you have a plan to buy a gaming chair, but you did not know which one the best for you. Before making a decision and spend your hard-earned-money, you must know this 5 types of gaming chair.

  1. Video Rocker Gaming Chair

A fun rocking style Chair that allows you to sit closer to the floor

  1. Racing Seat Gaming Chair

Designed specially for PC Gaming chair with a desk

  1. Bean Bag Chair

Perfect for any game room, dorm, or small appartement/room

  1. Racing Simulator Cockpit Gaming Chair

Specialized computer chair and monitor stand that comes with a steering wheel and pedal support.

  1. Pedestal Gaming Chair

Similar to a recliner, but it rocks and rotates on a pedestal base rather than on wheels or legs.